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We are the first sport hand sanitizer in the U.S.

Trust us to leave you feeling clean, fresh, safe, at ease, germ-free and smelling good.

Covid-19 has impacted our world at a staggering level. It's been unlike any other global health event of the past century. An invisible virus has changed the way we live, exercise and play. We know the public health benefit of using hand sanitizer is proven.

Let's be smart and confidently resume all the social things we enjoy. Let's do all we can to stay safe and protected from germs and infection. The love of sports helps us connect with friends and our community, and having a bottle of Hello Hand Sanitizer Spray within reach at all times will help keep you safe and feeling protected.

Hello Sport Hand Sanitizer Spray is perfect for athletes, sports enthusiasts, live entertainment fans, and anyone who wants to enjoy life on and off the field while staying fresh and healthy!


When you don't have access to soap and water Hello Sport Hand Sanitizer Spray is a fast way to wash your hands. It's also a great way to conserve water! Did you know that each time you turn on the tap to wash your hands you use at least a gallon of water? With our 2 OZ bottle of Hello Sport Hand Sanitizer Spray, you'll get on average 125 uses, saving 125 gallons of water!

Hello Sport Hand Sanitizer is a product of Mellenusa Studio, a Los Angeles-based company focused on health and wellness through simple, high quality products.
We want to make your life happier in small ways that make a big difference, starting with the first sport hand sanitizer in the United States.

Hand Sanitizer Spray



Hand Sanitizer Spray



Hand Sanitizer Spray


For everyone actively engaged in sports as an athlete or a fan!

Home. Office. Car. School.
Without a sticky residue - kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria
FDA registered - NDC Product Code: 82174-201-02
Made i
n the USA with
We know that the public health benefit of using hand sanitizer is proven. Children, young adults, and everyone involve in sports will greatly benefit from Hello Sport Hand Sanitizer. Use on and off the field to stay fresh and healthy!

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